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Interiors & Sources touts Medici for its high impact. Reminiscent of ancient Chinese finery, Medici by Versa Wallcovering superimposes delicate roundels on shadowy layers of complementary pattern. In high-contrast colors, this dramatic focal point works in restaurants or other public spaces; in tone-on-tone treatments, Medici is at home in offices and healthcare. Nine colorways of red, navy and black are layered with metallic or pearlized silken pearl, champagne and gray.

Three VersaGuard patterns were featured by Healthcare Design.  According to the magazine: VersaGuard, a new flexible wall protection system from Versa Wallcovering, is engineered to perform in high-traffic corridors to shield walls from the impact of rolling carts and gurneys. It resists tough stains and can be cleaned with bleach.  The wall protection is made of vinyl with drill backing and proprietary topcoat. VersaGuard contains 30% recycled content and is NSF 342 certified.

Hospitality Design recently talked to leaders in the wallcoverings industry and published an industry overview. Among their findings...neutrals are moving toward more feminine colors, a trend adopted from European markets. HD showcases the "new neutrals" with a photo of Hanami Silk. This new neutral color palette is moving toward pink, salmon and even green tones.

Retrofit cited VersaGuard as a Wall Surface that Provides Protection for High Traffic Spaces: Versa Wallcovering has created a type of flexible wall protection. VersaGuard is four times more impact resistant than Type II wallcovering. Engineered to perform in high-traffic corridors and public space, VersaGuard shields walls from the repeated impact of rolling traffic such as desk chairs, carts and gurneys. It resists tough stains such as mustard, ink and iodine and can be cleaned with bleach. The wall protection includes 30 percent recycled content, is low-VOC and certified to NSF 342. The Ravelle Texture pattern features horizontal lines that appear, disappear and reemerge in the multi-colored crepe embossing. A palette of eight color combos mixes flat and metallic inks in irregular grooves to create a pattern with luminosity. 

Check out what Contract magazine is saying about VersaGuard: Four times more impact resistant than Type II wallcovering, Versa has introduced VersaGuard vinyl for high-traffic areas, which includes 30 percent recycled content and is NSF 342 certified. VersaGuard is available in three patterns–Panama Linen, Halcyon, and Ravelle Texture. 

You voted & we agree!  The readers of interiors + sources voted Versa Wallcoverings Lorenzo as a standout on the wall, and award it as the Best Wallcovering of 2016!


"Lorenzo by Versa Wallcovering stood out thanks to its 3D effect and sophisticated embossing.  The visual changes based on lighting and viewpoints. Lorenzo is offered in 15 colors and is made of low-VOC 24oz. vinyl on Osnaburg backing.  It is also NSF/ANSI 342 certified."

INTERIOR DESIGN Magazine, selects PIXEL by VERSA Wallcovering for the fabric + wallcovering section of this seasons Fornasetti covered Fall Tabloid. 

Pixel, an intriguing new texture for Versa Wallcovering, showcases layers of design enhanced by a new structured emboss.  Horizontal elements in metallic, shimmer and balance perfectly underneath a matte, graphic pixel motif on the surfaces.  Inspired by current deconstructed artistic themes of pixelation. Bridging interior design concepts from traditional to contemporary, Pixel provides a fresh textural effect for the wall.

Buildings Magazine highlights the detail of Chesapeake by Versa Wallcovering, as part of their Products & Services selection of the October 2016 publication.  

"Chesapeake is a detailed fabric wallcovering.  Embossing offers horizontal textures for use in high-traffic corridors and on walls with imperfections.  Made of low-VOC., 20-ounce vinyl on Osnaburg backing and certified to NSF 342.  Available in a variety of naturally inspired colors with intricate detail and texture.  CHESAPEAKE by VERSA.  Circle 226."

Buildings Magazine focuses right in on Versa Wallcoverings Aura, as part of their Walls & Partitions selection of the September 2016 publication.  

"Aura...evokes weathered, aged and handcrafted materials.  Ideal for hotel headwalls and feature walls in restaurants, lobbies and offices.  Aura is available in eight colorways, including earth tones, metallic, and brights.  Made of low-VOC, 20-ounce, Type II vinyl.  Certified to NSF 34.  AURA by VERSA WALLCOVERING.  Circle 207."

INTERIOR DESIGN Magazine's staff hand picked 24 favorites for new textile and Wallcovering products.  Check out Omni by Versa Wallcovering.  This color combination has been a hot selection for 2016. 

Hospitality Design highlights Versa Wallcovering's Weathered as an upcoming indoor trend in The Products Issue of 2016.

"Versa Wallcovering's Weathered, a Type II Vinyl, exudes a natural aging patina in its 12 color options reflecting a range of influences, including tree bark, aged metals, variegated marbles, stones, and salvaged wood. The large - scale pattern has no vertical repeat and is enhanced with metallic ink and a natural pitted surface emboss."



Business Of Furniture takes a First Look at Versa Wallcovering's Sonoma.

 “Versa’s new Sonoma wallcovering brings the comfort of nature with its imagery of meandering vines, sundappled reflections and flowing fields. The soft-edged, nature influenced treatment is inspired by the California wine-growing region of the same name. It’s the perfect answer to designers’ requests for large-scale organics that are not specifically botanical or floral. Its 14 treatments include pearlescent metallic inks and range from calming neutrals to shimmering aqua, and summer green to sophisticated charcoal. The wallcovering coordinates with Versa’s Regency Silk texture.”

Hotel Business Design puts Versa Wallcovering's Sonoma in good company on the products, wallcovering page of their website.

"Versa Wallcovering's Sonoma is meant to conjure the comfort of nature with loose organic imagery suggestive of meandering vines, sun-dappled reflections or flowing fields, according to the company. The soft-edged, nature-influenced treatment is inspired by the California wine-growing region of the same name and was created to respond to designers; requests for large-scale organics that are not specifically botanical or floral.  Fourteen color treatments include pearlescent metallic inks and range from neutrals to aqua and summer green to charcoal."



Interior Design Magazine selected Versa Wallcovering for a spot in the NeoCon daily tabloid on day 3.  We couldn't be more honored for the continued support.

"You can blur the lines - or not - in the manufacture's latest parade of patterns. Weathered exudes the patina of natural again, in 12 color combinations spanning the gamut from evocations of creamy marbles and warm woods to Aged Metal, enhanced with metallic ink and embossed detailing.  Three-dimensional Lorenzo is inspired by Italy's piazza's with relief waves inside a grid of titled squares that capture light differently depending on the direction from which they're viewed.  The 15 colors include subtly metallic Iron Ore.  Both are printed on low-VOC type II vinyl."

INTERIOR DESIGN magazine selects VERSA Wallcovering's Omni to bring twists of color and energy in the Spring 2016 Market Tabloid.  

"Bringing to the mind twists and turns of Celtic knots, with supple geometries on a linen-look background.  The 12 color combinations range from bold to tone-on-tone, all printed on low-VOC, 20-ounce vinyl with an osnaburg backing.  For those needing a counterpoint, there the coordinating Omni Linen line, which shares Omni's texture but not its pattern."

"Versa Wallcovering's Omni Linen displays intricate embossing in 18 saturated colors, with some shades incorporating metallic and accent threads for added texture and detail.  Made of low-VOC, 20-ounce vinyl on osnaburg backing."

interiors + sources lists VERSA Wallcovering's Lorenzo in the top spot among their list of wall sources.

"Lorenzo opens up an eye-catching 3-D effect for the wall with intricate embossing. The multi-faceted fabrication continually morphs with changing light and viewpoints. It comes in 15 colors and is made of low-VOC 24 oz. vinyl on Osnaburg backing. Certified to NSF/ANSI 342."