Versa Wallcovering


A stylized interpretation of natural grass weave, KAISA, is the newest intro from VERSA for January 2018. Natural Kaisa wild grass is used in Bangladeshi basket-making, changing as it dries from its natural light green to a very pale almost tan color. The grass is hand cut by artisans to create beautiful one of a kind 

KAISA is created with a new embossing, made even more realistic, with exquisite detail down to the threading. The print is minimal to enhance the texture.

 A palette of 16 colors range from white to cream to gray, as well as rich tones of navy, merlot and chocolate.  KAISA adds an element of nature to complement our other designs.

KAISA is 20 oz. TYPE II, on Osnaburg, and is random reverse for ease of installation.