Versa Wallcovering

Balliano & Balliano Texture

An organic style wallcovering with a handcrafted and hand-painted effect, Balliano has a soft, aged fabric aesthetic.  Pair with its background texture, Balliano Texture, or use as a stand-alone. Balliano shimmers in neutral colors of cream, taupe and silver. Or go bold and graphic in aqua, indigo, black and silver, and red and raspberry. This re-imagined, stylized geometric features a new silk embossing that’s at home in a multitude of interiors.  Balliano Texture is the perfect companion with a soft cloud print and accent thread.  Balliano Texture offers a coordinating color for each of the 12 Balliano colors, plus 4 additional hues. Embossed with a fine horizontal silk, this new simple, but sophisticated texture is perfect for most any project.