Versa Wallcovering


Waves of color drifting across the sky inspired the new Versa signature design, ATMOSPHERE.  Ethereal whites, grays and blues create soft neutrals usable in larger spaces.  Bold green and blue are statement art for the wall. Rich deep metallic colorations of black and gold, burnished copper and bronze are reminiscent of metal panels.

ATMOSPHERE has a built-in seam at 27” to create a random panel effect, adding ease to installation of this larger scale pattern.  Scattered throughout are thin horizontal bars, giving an extra dimension to this unique print.

ATMOSPHERE will require a yard sample to see the overall effect on the wall.  This pattern is available in 10 colorways, Type II 20 oz., on Osnaburg. Installation is random/reverse hang. 

Bring the outdoors in to elevate interior spaces with ATMOSPHERE.