Versa Wallcovering

What's New


Versa Wallcovering, known for its proprietary embossings, releases its newest in Caba. This versatile design changes appearance depending on color selection. Choose the look of pleated fabric in neutral color treatments, flowing water in blues, windswept meadows in golds and greens, and wood bark in deep rich tones. 16  colorways provide endless options. Versa designers experimented with the interplay of light and color to create this deep, three-dimensional embossing that projects luxury while withstanding the heavy traffic of corridors, public spaces, and retail and restaurant environments.  24 oz. Type II low-VOC vinyl on Osnaburg backing, Caba is 52”/54” wide and certified to NSF 342.



New from Versa Wallcovering, Capri’s freshly styled textile effect builds a luxurious surface through the interplay of matte and metallic inks as well as vertical lines and rounded slubs. Capri’s 16 colorways include several Mylar options that dramatize the lustrous effect. With the feeling of a structural fabric, the dense and intricate print creates a sophisticated surface usable in any type of interior space, from corporate to healthcare to hospitality. Capri is low-VOC and certified to NSF 342. 


Crush from Versa Wallcovering creates a playful organic design capturing the movement of sunlight through lush foliage. Translucent layers of overlapping pigments emulate watercolor paintings and hand-dyed fabrics. A fresh modern take on a botanical print, Crush celebrates the resurgence of biophilic design that’s informing interiors, especially in hospitality and healthcare environments.  Choose from 12 color selections that take the effect from subtle to bold. Crush is certified to NSF 342 and is made of 52”/54” low-VOC, 20 oz. Type II vinyl on Non-woven backing.