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Ocean Drive

Named for the famous street of historic hotels in Miami Beach, Ocean Drive is a mid-scale pattern usable for many spaces. Bold and graphic in several dynamic color combos of blues and greens, or subtle in tonal shades of neutrals, Ocean Drive will fit into all types of interiors.



Miura pulls from the structure and rhythm found in architecture. Dynamic yet subtle Miura provides inspiration to dance, drama, and movement. The intersecting connections of color tones and line work reveal a balanced yet multi-layered vertical texture. Miura, is usable for any interior space due to the new embossing, metallic, and fine detail.


Sophisticated yet subtle, Yoki pulls from the pleasure of nature through touch and optical appeal. Softly metabolized, Yoki warmly shimmers with topographical impressions inspired by the movement of water or sand. From different angles, light reveals an energetic and free flowing tactile surface. A unique, non-directional texture, Yoki will fit into any corporate, retail, or hospitality interior space.