Versa Wallcovering


Bigger, Brighter, Bolder, Better

"Popular trends in the commercial--and we discovered, residential--wallcoverings industry today include bold graphic designs, deep embossed textures, white textures, bright colors and wood effects," says Beth Rich, Versa Marketing Director, in the cover story of Paint & Decorating Retailer magazine. The October issue features a lengthy trend story on the wallcovering industry and showcases Versa designs Kaleidoscope, Metro and Kouri.

Rose Gold Trends

Spidery ridges and angles crosscross and align in Versa Wallcovering's Kaleidoscope to create an iridescent web. The embossed wallcovering morphs in changing light and when viewed from different perspectives. The series includes 18 colors ranging from Pueblo to Cobalt, Alabaster, Mystery,  Pear and Thunderbird.

Interiors are Singing the Blues....and Mustards

According to folks in the know, 2015 is the year of blue and mustard, says Canadian Interiors, which recently published Versa's trend forecast.  Every value and hue of blue is showing up in fabrics, interiors, carpeting and furniture. You’ll find it in conservative navy suits, All-American faded denim, international indigo dyes, the turquoise of island waters, the purpled blue of heather, and pale blue of ice and birds’ eggs. It’s also making a strong appearance in multi-blued accessories. Mustards are trending globally too, appearing in ethnic textiles from around the world, combining seamlessly with turquoise, indigo, emerald green and the red family of hues from deep wine to coral.

Second-Look Recycles 6.5 Million Pounds 

The Second-Look Recycled Wallcovering program has announced its latest milestone - 6.5 million pounds (or 3,250 tons) of vinyl wallcoverings recycled since its launch in 2007. Second-Look was the first to reclaim vinyl wallcovering and is the only program to recycle it back to new wallcoverings.

Versa Wallcovering: Kouri

Available in 15 color combinations, Kouri presents a natural-looking wood grain effect in taupe or ash or a bold graphic wood pattern in dramatic combinations of pink and plum, gold and gray...

Versa Custom Designs Wallcovering for New Orleans Q&C Hotel

After the Northview Hotel Group acquired an old New Orleans hotel that once served as the headquarters for the Queen & Crescent Railroad, Kraig Kalashian Architecture & Design (KKAD) of Chester, New Jersey turned to Versa to help custom design a damask patterned wallcovering for the Q&C's guestrooms that's populated with relevant iconography such as magnolia blossoms, fleur-de-lis and an image of the original railroad station.

Versa's Skylines and Zambra produce layers of colors and textures in a dramatic highrise apartment in Hong Kong. Today's Living China visited the space and chatted with the designer about his inspirations. 

Ethno Graphic 

Tribal Patterns that March to Their Own Beat.  Zambra Type II vinyl wallcoverings by Versa Wallcovering.

If These Walls Could Talk...

Phil Tarullo, CEO of LSI Wallcovering and Versa Wallcovering, talks to Southern Indiana Business Source Magazine about the company, international growth and sustainability developments that have kept the manufacturer at the forefront of the wallcovering industry. 

VersaGuard Halcyon

Versa Wallcovering has released Halcyon, its second collection of VersaGuard flexible wall protection. VersaGuard is a Type III wallcovering made of heavy-duty 33-ounce vinyl construction and durable protective top film. It is engineered to perform in high-traffic corridors and public spaces such as  healthcare, hospitality and education corridors, food service areas and classrooms. 

Wallcovering:  Versa's Couture

Versa Wallcovering’s new Couture is an elegant wallcovering that brings a high-end, sophisticated textile aesthetic to walls. The soft silky expression is updated and up-scaled for the wall with an open light and airy treatment. A wide palette of 21 luminous colors allows Couture to be applied in a variety of corporate, retail, health care and hospitality settings. 

Low-VOC Wallcovering Creates Illusion of Movement

Silk Garden by Versa combines the soothing satiny look of silk with the warm ethereal world of nature. Meandering leafy vines climb the wall in intermingling opaque and solid inks that create the illusion of movement. The proprietary embossing suggests the soft thick slubbing of silk with occasional strands highlighted in metallic for added pop and dimension. 

Wall Treatments:  Versa's Zephyr

The crisscross pattern of Zephyr, a Type II vinyl wallcovering, was inspired by the California passenger train of the same name and is available in 18 colorways ranging from neutral to black. It contains 20 percent recycled content, including a minimum of 10 percent postconsumer content, and is certified to the NSF/ANSI 342 Sustainability Assessment for Wallcovering Products. 

New Releases:  Embarcadero

San Francisco’s Embarcadero waterfront, known for its colorful boutiques, restaurants and farmer’s markets, is the inspiration for Versa Wallcovering’s design by the same name. The wallcovering brings the locale’s colorful and divergent influences together in a multi-faceted embossed texture with vibrant printed detail and dimension. 

Flexible, Safeguarding Wallcovering

VersaGuard by Versa Wallcovering is designed to provide protection with flexibility and durability. Engineered to perform in high-traffic corridors and public spaces, the wallpaper shields walls from rigorous use and the repeated impact of desks and chairs. Bleach or rubbing alcohol can be used for easy clean ups, resisting tough stains such as mustard, ink, and iodine.

New for Walls: Couture

The plush look of pleated silk never goes out of style, as Versa Wallcovering confirms with Couture. Inspired by the Delphos gowns of Spanish artist-designer Mariano Fortuny, this elegant wallcovering brings a high-end, sophisticated textile aesthetic to the wall.

Three New Wallcoverings from Versa

Inspired by the crisscrossing ropes of the Djembe drum, Versa Wallcovering’s Zambra brings tribal influence to the wall. Djembe translates to “gather peace” and, like its namesake, the wallcovering exudes soothing hand-crafted qualities....Geometry takes the lead role in Versa Wallcovering’s production for the wall called Urban Oasis. The structured diamond embossing is refreshingly classic, clean and architectural....Shimmery, soft and iridescent, Gossamer by Versa Wallcovering brings the look of pleated silk to the wall. The low-VOC vinyl wallcovering blends colour and texture to replicate the intricate threads and subtle folds of a natural textile. 

Hear the Beat of Versa's Zambra

Inspired by the crisscrossing ropes of the Djembe drum, Zambra brings tribal influence to the wall. Reflective of earthy native craft, Zambra responds to our desire for handmade artisanal looks.

Urban Oasis

Changes in light continually add new dimension to this rhythmic pattern. Touchably tactile, it comes in an expansive palette of 18 colors to suit a range of applications. 

Silk Garden by Versa

Silk Garden by Versa combines the satiny look of silk with the warmth of nature. The line features 12 colors, all of which are offered on a low-VOC , Type II vinyl. Silk Garden is NSF 342 certified.

Going Green More Than a Color Trend at LSI Wallcovering

For some companies, simply adhering to environmental standards is enough. But sustainability is a personal passion for Phil Tarullo, the CEO, president and owner of LSI Wallcovering. In 2006, LSI developed the first technology for recycling post-consumer vinyl wallcovering. Today, in LSI’s Second-Look product line, wallcoverings are made of about 20 percent recycled materials — half post-consumer, half post-industrial materials. These products make up about a third of the company’s offerings.

LSI Wallcovering Rebounds from Recession with Growth, Industry Accolades

The past 18 months have been extremely good to LSI Wallcovering, which has bounced back strongly from the recession. The Louisville-based privately owned company manufactures commercial wallcoverings for hotels, offices, health care facilities and other public buildings. Its products are sold in more than 60 countries.

Versa’s Gossamer

Shimmery and soft, Gossamer by Versa Wallcovering brings the look of pleated silk to the wall and comes in 21 colors, including rich neutrals, a range of water-conjuring blue tones and earthy hues that offer a wood-grain effect.

Versa Couture

Inspired by the Delphos gowns of Spanish artist and designer Mariano Fortuny, the Couture wallcovering by Vera looks like pleated silk.  A palette of 21 colors produced with pearlescent or metallic finishes spans from warm to cool neutrals, as well as more saturated shades like plum, charcoal gray and chocolate brown. Couture contains 20% recycled content.

Wallcoverings Assn. Comes Together, Presents Allman Award 

The Wallcoverings Association – the nonprofit trade association that represents wallcovering manufacturers, distributors, and industry suppliers – held its annual meeting this past February....During the event, Philip J. Tarullo, president, CEO, and owner of LSI Wallcovering – a manufacturer of commercial wallcovering products for the global building interiors market – received the Justin P. Allman Award, the wallcovering industry’s highest honor.

Green Products: Couture by Versa

Inspired by the pleated silk of Spanish designer Mariano Fortuny’s early 20th-century Delphos gowns, Versa Wallcovering’s Couture applies the airy aesthetic for decorative use in commercial applications. The collection is made of Type II, low-VOC vinyl that is certified to the NSF/ANSI 342 standard for sustainable wallcoverings. Available in 21 colorways, including caramel, it comprises 20% recycled content that includes at least 10% post-consumer material.

Low-VOC Vinyl  Wallcovering

Shimmery, soft and iridescent, Gossamer by Versa Wallcovering brings the look of pleated silk to the wall. The low-VOC vinyl wallcovering blends color and texture to replicate the intricate threads and subtle folds of a natural textile. So dimensional that you’re drawn to touch it, Gossamer has a surprisingly smooth surface that provides a high degree of cleanability in health-care and high-traffic spaces. 

Product News Roundup

Gossamer by Versa Wallcovering brings the look of pleated silk to the wall. The low-VOC vinyl wallcovering blends color and texture to replicate the threads and folds of a natural textile. Gossamer has a smooth surface that provides cleanability in healthcare and high-traffic spaces. Twenty-one colors include rich neutrals, a range of blues, and earthy hues that lend wood grain effects.  The pattern comes in vivids for pediatric applications and neutrals for other healthcare settings. The Type II vinyl wallcovering is certified to the NSF/ANSI 342 Sustainability Standard.  

Zephyr Wallcovering

Inspired by the famous California Zephyr passenger train, Zephyr creates linear tracks across the wall. Made with Second-Look Recycled Technology, it contains 20% recycled content. It is made of low-VOC 20 oz. Type II vinyl and is certified to the NSF/ANSI 342 sustainability standard for wallcovering.

Couture Wallcovering

Made of Type II low-VOC vinyl, Couture wallcovering contains 20 percent recycled content including at least 10 percent post-consumer material. Available in 21 colors.