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Buildings Magazine November 2014

Zephyr Wallcovering

Inspired by the famous California Zephyr passenger train, Zephyr creates linear tracks across the wall. Made with Second-Look Recycled Technology, it contains 20% recycled content. It is made of low-VOC 20 oz. Type II vinyl and is certified to the NSF/ANSI 342 sustainability standard for wallcovering.

Buildings Magazine October 2013

A Guide to Sustainable Wallcoverings
Multi-attribute certifications can help you see the whole picture. “NSF 342 provides clarification, while single-attribute labels can cause confusion,” explains Beth Rich, marketing director for manufacturer LSI Wallcovering. “Having a certified product is great, but having a certified process is huge.”

Interior Design NeoCon Show Daily 2013

Versa Wallcovering
The crosshatching on Zephyr is so dynamic, it appears embossed. And if the name rings a bell, that’s because it was borrowed from a certain scenic Chicago-to-San Francisco train route. Zephyr has a green side too: The low VOC, recycled, Type II vinyl boasts 20% recycled content, of which at least half is postconsumer. It’s also certified to the NSF/ANSI 342 Sustainability Standard for Wallcovering. The 18 colorways include pearl or silver backgrounds.  All aboard! 

Canadian Interiors May 2013

NeoCon Preview
Inspired by the famous California Zephyr passenger train, a new collection from Versa Wallcovering creates linear tracks on the wall. Zephyr has the appearance of an embossed texture: the fine lines angle, merge and diverge. Adding another dimension is a secondary background in pearl or silver, uncorking a pop of shimmer. A range of 18 colourways covers black, brights and neutrals.

Interiors & Sources May 2013

Versa Medici
Reminiscent of ancient Chinese finery, Medici by Versa Wallcovering superimposes delicate roundels on shadowy layers of complementary pattern. In high -contrast colors, this dramatic focal point works in restaurants or other public spaces. In tone-on-tone treatments, Medici is at home in offices and healthcare. Nine colorways including red, navy and black are layered with metallic or pearlized silken pearl, champagne and gray. 

Contract NeoCon Preview May 2013

Versa Zephyr
The criss-cross pattern of Zephyr, a Type II vinyl wallcovering, was inspired by the California passenger train of the same name and is availble in 18 colorways ranging from neutral to black. It contains 20% recycled content, including a minimum of 10% postconsumer content, and is certified to the NSF/ANSI 342 Sustainability Accesssment for Wallcovering Products.


Versa Wallcovering Lombard
Lombard takes its name from the endless stairs marching up the sides of San Francisco’s famous street, with captivating rows of regimented ridges. Eighteen colors range from the architectural gray of Balboa Street to bolder accents of black, amethyst and copper.