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Four Seasons Transforms Corridors with VersaGuard

The Four Seasons turned to Versa Wallcovering and their distributor, D.L.Couch, to find a wall treatment that was more durable than typical Type II vinyl wallcovering, impact-resistant to rolling traffic, extremely cleanable and affordable. The solution came in the form of a newly innovated flexible wall treatment called VersaGuard. Made of heavy-duty 33 oz. vinyl and a coated with a durable protective top film, VersaGuard is four times more impact resistant than Type II wallcovering. Engineered to perform in high-traffic corridors and public spaces, VersaGuard shields walls from the repeated impact of luggage and rolling carts used by bell staff, housekeeping, food service and maintenance. It is also highly resistant to tough stains such as ketchup, mustard and ink.  

“We had standard printed vinyl wallcovering, and bell carts would bump into it and take off the printed pattern, leaving white spots,” said Dwight Buchannon, Engineering Manager for the Four Seasons. “We needed something more durable, where the pattern wouldn’t scrape off.” Room service carts and maid carts also left indentations, and spills and other marks detracted from the corridors’ clean, upscale lines.

“We receive many requests like this from hotel staff who are constantly challenged to maintain a fresh and new appearance in busy corridors and public space,” said Beth Rich, Versa Marketing Director. “The need for beautiful wall protection that’s also durable and affordable is pronounced in the hospitality market. This led Versa to engineer VersaGuard, a flexible wall protection that is more impact resistant than Type II wallcovering but less expensive and more attractive than rigid panels.”

To test the new product, the Four Seasons installed VersaGuard in a particularly problematic corridor. “We reviewed the VersaGuard after four months and found it worked out great,” Buchannon said. “The staff loved it as they didn’t have to worry as much or work as hard to maintain its appearance.” 

In addition to durability, VersaGuard also provided an answer to some aesthetic challenges. “With this new type of wallcovering, we were able to go brighter,” Buchannon explained. “The difference is dramatic.  While we were doing the project, we would go back and forth between corridors with the old wallcovering to those with VersaGuard, and the difference was like night and day. It looked so much brighter that staff thought we had also changed the lighting.”

Now installed in all guestroom corridors, VersaGuard provides an always fresh and upscale appearance to complement the hotel’s urban chic ambience and modern appeal. “The cleanability is great,” Buchannon added. “If we do see a mark, we just rub it off with a dry rag. It doesn’t even require water and detergent.”   

VersaGuard has become known around the Four Seasons as a go-to wallcovering that can take wear and tear without wearing and tearing, Buchannon explained. “We would definitely consider VersaGuard for public space, elevators, banquet areas, lobbies and anywhere there’s a lot of traffic.”      




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