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New Products Launched at HD and NeoCon

Just in time for HD and NeoCon, Versa releases three cool, crisp designs for summer.  Brio (top and bottom) simulates luxurious silky texture. Choose from 18 refined washes of color with sophisticated silky slubs and a watermarked Shibori effect. Panama Linen (second from top) reinterprets classic linen with a highly tactile embossing in 18 fresh colorations. Alley Cat comes in 10 palettes with variegated and irregular brush strokes that add movement and dimension to the wall.  Like weathered wood and stained concrete, Alley Cat has time-worn, artisanal appeal. All are made of Type II vinyl...

Versa Featured in WA Ads

Versa's certification to NSF 342 is part of an ad campaign by the Wallcoverings Association in Interior Design's Spring Market Tabloid and NeoCon Directory. LSI Wallcovering, which makes the Versa brand, was the first manufacturer in the world to certify to the NSF 342 Sustainability Standard for Wallcovering. Many other companies have followed suit and today there are over 900 wallcovering styles certified to the standard.    

Versa Leader Recognized for Manufacturing Excellence

Louisville Business First has recognized Versa leader Phil Tarullo for the company's leading-edge manufacturing practices. Versa is produced by global wallcoverings manufacturer LSI Wallcovering, which serves the world via facilities in Louisville, Kentucky and Suzhou, China. Tarullo, CEO of LSI Wallcovering, talks about the challenges of manufacturing in today's global economy.        

Versa Box Sports New Look

Versa has a new look! The new tipcard container is really a box within a box. A smaller black linen box is placed on the bottom of the larger box for added reinforcement and durability. Made of heavy duty cardboard, the large box is wrapped in silver embossed, book binding material. The interior is lined in vivid green paper that references the accent color used in the Versa and Second-Look logos. Handles in the front and back facilitate easy lifting.

Versa was the first manufacturer to develop a tipcard box and move away from the industry standard of three-ring binders. The new box presents enhanced graphics and ergonomics. The size of the tipcards has been reduced so that more fit into the box. The new and improved Versa box with additional capacity does not take up any additional space on the shelf. 

Versa Wallcovering Certified to NSF/ANSI 342

Versa Wallcovering is the first wallcovering brand to certify to the NSF/ANSI 342 Sustainability Standard for Wallcovering Products. Versa wallcoverings will display the NSF Sustainability Mark, a signal to specifiers of the products’ sustainability and eligibility for LEED credits. NSF/ANSI 342 is a comprehensive, multi-attribute standard that evaluates the wallcovering over its life cycle, from raw material extraction through end-of-life. LSI Wallcovering, the manufacturer of the Versa brand, was evaluated in six key areas – Product Design, Product Manufacturing, Long Term Value, End of Life Management, Corporate Governance and Innovation. All Versa wallcoverings are certified. Specifiers should also check on distributor certification as NSF/ANSI 342 requires both manufacturer and distributor to be certified.

Mustard's Global Appeal

Yellow, in its many guises, is showing up all over the interior and fashion world these days. As a global color, it appears in ethnic textiles from around the world, combining seamlessly with turquoise, indigo, emerald green and the red family of hues from deep wine to coral. This sensibility towards folk craft and colors is interpreted locally and updated for each product end use, but the appeal of rich mixes of pattern and color is undeniable.

Happy to Sing the Blues

Blue is a perennial favorite. You’ll find it in conservative navy suiting, All-American faded denim, international indigo dyes, the turquoise of island waters, the purpled blue of heather and the palest blue hints in ice and bird eggs.  Every value and every hue is showing up in fabrics, interiors, carpeting and furniture. It is also making a strong appearance in accessories. Especially new is when multiple hues are shown together on one item. And those trend-setting Italians – always a step ahead – are dazzling in cobalt blue suits!  So, how does commercial wallcovering utilize this color family?

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